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April 2001; Page 30

Ohio Artist Relies On ‘Common Man’ Theme

NORTH CANTON, Ohio —Amy Lindenberger has launched an artistic journey through the Civil War years, from Manassas to maybe Appomattox, focusing on everyday people.

She draws in colored pencil, providing a vibrant view of subjects, especially the faces of men, women and children of the antebellum period.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” said the former portrait painter. “I was really touched by the photographs from the period. I tried to imagine what I would have felt if I had been there.”

Lindenberger said she combined an interest in Civil War history, accompanied by her two daughters and some re-enacting, with her art.

She set out on the belief that her art would appeal to people now. “I want people to understand that these people were very much like us,” she said.

"The vast majority of Civil War artwork on the market deals with the larger dramas of nineteenth century life: the grandiose battle scenes, the well-known generals, the heroes of the battlefield,” Lindenberger says in her brochure.

“But just as in our own century, in the life of the common man, such larger-than-life experiences and people were the exception, not the rule. Most of life’s fabric consisted then, as it does today, of quieter, less obviously dramatic moments.”

So the artist has started two series of Civil War depictions. One is “Women of Distinction.” The first print is of the diarist Mary Boykin Chesnut depicted as she waited for the attack on Fort Sumter in “Witness to War”.

The second portrait in the series, Rose O’Neal Greenhow, the Rebel spy in Washington, is almost finished.

Of the Chesnut drawing, she said, it was difficult to find a true portrait of the oft-quoted woman. “I saw only three images of Mary Chesnut. One was of poor quality and one was obviously flattering. I tried to envision a scene from a diary account.”

The second series is called “Sword Across the Threshold” and features seven prints, so far.

They range from a mother with child at the moment war is announced to a series on Manassas, starting with Rebs around a campfire. Seven prints are planned in the Manassas section alone.

Lindenberger graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Akron (Ohio) in 1980 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing.

She made her living as a full-time portrait artist from 1984 -1996, has shown her work in a wide variety of local, regional and national exhibitions, and has been the recipient of numerous awards.

Since 1985 she has owned and operated The Linden Tree Fine Art Studio in North Canton.

She has had her work published in four internationally-distributed books: “The Best Of Colored Pencil,” “The Best Of Colored Pencil 2,” “Creative Colored Pencil Portraits,” and “The Best of Colored Pencil 4.”

Lindenberger plans to attend the show in Mansfield, Ohio, May 1, and will have a booth at Richmond the same weekend, featuring her work. She has a web site that displays her pictures at


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