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Artist Amy Lindenberger To Introduce Third In A Series Of Shriver House Christmas Prints
Meet the artist during the Candlelight Christmas Tour of the Shriver House Museum

(Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) - 11/2/2006

Meet artist Amy Lindenberger, an award-winning artist and signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America. Her extraordinary colored pencil renderings offer a different perspective of life during the Civil War. Amy will be on hand to talk about her work on Saturday evenings November 25 through December 9 from 5-10 pm during the Shriver House Museumís Candlelight Christmas Tours. This year Amy will present her third in a series of prints depicting the Shriver family doing their best to observe Christmas while civil war has overrun the world around them.

Most Civil War artwork deals with the "larger" dramas such as battles, generals, etc. But just as in our own era such larger-than-life experiences and people are the exception not the rule. Just as it does today, most of life's fabric in the mid-19th century consisted of quieter, less obviously dramatic moments. In the hope that these moments will not be overlooked or forgotten, Amy has captured some of the more personal moments of the Civil War.

This year Amy is offering something new to her series. In addition to prints, framed and unframed, she is now reproducing her colorful sketches in the form of Christmas cards. Most notably known for her portrait work Amy has produced beautiful sketches depicting the Shriver family sharing holiday moments such as gathering around the Christmas tree and stringing popcorn.

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