The Jacob Benner House

333 Baltimore Street

Photograph of Baltimore Street as President Lincoln comes to Gettysburg.

At the time of the Civil War, 333 Baltimore Street was the private residence of the Jacob Benner family.   At the time of the Gettysburg battle, the cellar, first and part of the second floors were standing.

The son of Jacob, Daniel Benner, had left the family home earlier in the war to join the 15th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Coincidentally, Daniel was home in Gettysburg on sick leave when the town was overtaken by Confederate forces.  Fearing that his son would be taken prisoner if discovered by the enemy, Jacob concealed Daniel in the back of a grocery wagon and drove him out the Baltimore Pike to safety, leaving the rest of the family to take refuge in the cellar during the battle.

A brass plaque to the left of the entry door can be seen today denoting that this structure is a "Civil War Building"; a fact authenticated by historian William Frassanito.

The house has subsequently been remodeled, expanded both up and back, and had a new roofline added.


Two of Jacob Benner's Children

Daniel Benner

Lucinda Benner


333 Baltimore around the turn of the century.  
Additional living space was added to the house after the Civil War. 
The house looks much the same today as does the tree placement.
They have, however, paved the road and installed sidewalks.


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