What is
“The Civil War  Chronology
(previously called The Civil War 150
This is the name I have given to the
ongoing project I have developed for
myself to chronicle the lesser-known
people and events of the Civil War era.
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Amy Lindenberger is also a member of the
Daily Painters of Pennsylvania.
To visit their blog:
Civil War Fine Art Gallery Pages:
Overview of all work
Civil War Fine Art


Gallery and Activities

Civil War Artwork
For class and workshop information, as
well as other artistic directions the artist
pursues, please visit:
Amy talking about creating her Civil War
artwork on U-Tube:
Beyond the Battlefield
is the artist's primary series of
work.   Other series that depict
people, places, and events from
the Civil War and/or Gettysburg
are developing as Lindenberger's
research continues.
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Not a dealer? If you would like
your local art dealer to make
any of Ms. Lindenberger's
images available to you,
please let them know!
Civil War Christmas Cards  
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Christmas in Gettysburg I
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Blank Note Cards feature the historic
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All artwork, research and narratives by Civil War artist Amy V. Lindenberger.
Historical Commissions
Are you interested in commissioning a
portrait of your Civil War ancestor, or
are you a member of an organization
seeking to commemorate some aspect
of the Civil War (perhaps to coincide
with the Civil War Sesquicentennial
Anniversary)? Contact the
artist to
discuss the possibilities
Gettysburg Visitor Information
from Destination Gettysburg
The Historical Art of Civil War Artist,
Amy V. Lindenberger, CPSA, CPX
Contact the artist directly
for more information about
purchasing any artwork.
Cards may be purchased via phone,
email, postal mail, or by visiting Civil
War Fine Art Gallery and Studio and
area shops in Gettysburg.
●  Original Artwork from the series,
Beyond the Battlefield.
of the series are available in either
Limited Edition
Offset Lithograph
(depending upon the
desired drawing)
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●  Framed Small & Mini Prints
matted, framed, & shipped directly
to you.  
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Beyond the Battlefield:
Many thanks to Karen Hendricks of
Hendricks Communications for her fine
article about my work! Check out this link to
the article:
a co-op gallery joining the
artistic talents of Claire Beadon
Carnell, Anne Finucane,
Charlotte Yealey, Rebeccca
Brown and Amy Lindenberger.

We Invite You to Stop in for
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Friday - Saturday, 1 - 6
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We are having an Art Giveaway
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Becky Brown
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Civil War Fine Art is now part of:
My commissioned painting,
Ride to Glory: General James A.
Garfield at the Battle of
Chickamauga, is now on permanent
display at the James Garfield
National Historic Site in Mentor,
A collaborative project between
myself and diorama builder Don
Griffin of Bowie, MD -- "The Price
of Freedom" -- is now on
permanent display at Musselman
Library on the campus of
Gettysburg College.